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2 Years Ago, Today …. bare

It has been a little over 2 years now since we last changed our website. Our intention  was to share with you a little about the Wedding Industry in Malaysia. Since then, we have been collecting comments from our readers and clients alike. Perhaps it was pure coincidence, or perhaps excellent timing as a couple of events happened simultaneously lately;

  • We introduced a new team of designers armed with new missions and visions,
  • We had managed to track down our webmasters, thelabratz, last listed as MIA,
  • Our photographer partners were busy experimenting with new techniques,
  • Your valuable comments and feedback that we had gathered.

And so it came to pass that we decided to sit down with our team to revamp our website; keeping that same philosophy of having an edge, of being able to present to you that ‘daringly bare’ content we implemented over the last 2 years. Loads of instant coffee fixes, during the month of June, our webmasters sat down and began the slow process of moving our site to a new home; with the following additions listed below;



Bigger Thumbnails

We added bigger thumbnails so that it would be easier for you to view our collections as well as our partners works all on one site.



Higher Resolution

Higher Resolution photos are used on our new website for better clarity and colour. The downside is that the photos may take a longer time to load. Please be patient!




More Photos

We decided to add more photos for your viewing pleasure. Not merely limited to our work, we added galleries of our photographer partners! More work for us, but more things for you to see, all on one site!


Embedded Videos

We have taken the effort to make new videos and embed them on our site so you don’t have to go out of our site to view videos anymore.



Full Width Content

One of the other features that we decided upon was full width content. Wider viewing with less clutter and cleaner compared to our old website. We thought that this would enhance your browsing experience!


We hope that you will enjoy your browsing experience on our new website as we have toiled hard to bring this to you. We also welcome your comments and suggestions while we continue to update our site with new materials! Welcome to Pretty In White and thanks for all your support!


Cheap & Good


Last Sunday’s Sample Sales which attracted a huge crowd has certainly been a successful event for us. A wide range of wedding & evening gowns in all shapes and sizes are offered at prices starting from RM300 to RM800. As expected, many brides-to-be turned up early to grab the best find and certainly the best buy they can get for a PrettyInWhite gown.


Our designers were present to help the clients in their selection. Needless to say, many of them managed to find the ideal gown for themselves. The sight of brides-to-be queueing up to try on gowns is certainly proof of how popular our annual Sample Sales has become.


It was indeed an exciting and satisfying day for both our clients and us as well. As for those who missed Sunday’s event, do not feel disappointed. We will continue to offer these gowns at the same irresistible prices in the Wedding Hub. So, brides-to-be you can make a trip over there and still get yourself a PrettyInWhite gown at a great bargain.

You can download this map to find your way to the Wedding Hub. Please take note of the Hub’s operating hours.

WOW! Photography


In an industry that is filled with numerous talented photographers, stands out a very passionate and driven individual – Hafiz Ismail. His profile reads as:

Hafiz Ismail is a full time professional photographer. He owns the Hafiz Ismail Photography brand as well as the WOW! Art & Photography brand. He is the Founder and Principal Photographer of Lensa Wow Sdn Bhd.”

Despite all this serious business-speak write up, Hafiz is a jovial person at heart with a infectious, bubbly personality – a definite plus! Especially when it comes to photographing couples in their most emotional &  intimate moments – not the voyeur type, mind you but during their wedding portraiture & ceremony sessions.


He is one of the few photographers who will literally laugh and cry with his couples during the emotional moments of their photoshoot sessions – that’s how connected and committed Hafiz is….


While Hafiz is not a freshie in this business, he definitely brings a fresh perspective to the wedding photography scene in Malaysia. Seriously, how often do you see photos of big red sofa chairs in the middle of the road; brides wearing white frame sunnies or donning white/colorful track shoes sitting atop a piano which all turns out looking absolutely fabulous with PrettyInWhite wedding gowns?


We are excited to have Hafiz Ismail of Hafiz Ismail Photographyas one of PrettyInWhite’s preferred photography partner. It’s nice to work with photographers who constantly challenge themselves to bring in a fresh look & feel to their work. After all, it is our clients who will ultimately benefit from our combined talent & work effort.


You can read and view more of Hafiz’s wonderful work, at his blog site. To know how you can rent PrettyInWhite gowns at an irresistible offer for your bridal portraiture session, check out the following link : http://www.prettyinwhite.com.my/great-gowns-great-pictures/ or simply call us for anappointment.

Sample Sales @ The Wedding Hub


Dear Brides-to-be, we are pleased to announce that our Sample Sales will be held on July 4th (Sunday) at the Wedding Hub. This is your great chance to grab PrettyInWhite Wedding & Evening gowns at irresistible prices.

We will offer a wide range of gowns in various designs & sizes at prices starting from RM300 to RM800. Yes, some of the gowns have been rented and some are new, but you can be assured that all of our gowns are in great condition!


During that day, our designers will be at hand to help you with your selection & fitting , so you can be assured of finding the perfect gown for yourself. Any alteration services will be charged separately at a very reasonable price.


In addition, there will be ring pillows, veils, costume jewellery, shoes & favors on sale, too. Still not convinced that this is worth a trip down to PJ on a Sunday?

Then check out our previous clients’ testimonial on this not-to-be missed event.



So dear brides-to-be, if you are looking for a wedding gown for your big day; your 2nd, 3rd or even 4th piece for your bridal photoshoot or gown(s) for your Trash-The-Dress session, be sure to visit us on July 4th for this bargain-of-a-lifetime.

To find your way to the Wedding Hub, please download the location map and remember to turn up early as our doors open at 11:00am till 4:00pm for just one day only.

See you at the Sample Sales!

Strip-Tease Act on Video

Confessions of Lady D. Sign: Over the months, I have been receiving numerous requests from clients, partners & friends to post the video of the famous strip-tease act during our M!fa Show last November. So after searching through my personal video library, I have managed to locate the clip, and here it is – posted up for your viewing pleasure.

I have written in detail on how versatile this particular Celestial Wedding gown can be in my earlier post:http://www.prettyinwhite.com.my/striptease-m-ifw-2009/. But as the saying goes, a moving picture is definitely worth a million words!

Dear brides, you can wear it long for your formal & grand entrance, and later on, just remove the bottom skirt to reveal a mini-gown for your after dinner party. This fabulous gown is simply suitable for your garden or beach weddings. Isn’t it amazing to have a 2-in-1 wedding gown? Now that’s really getting your money’s worth!

So ladies and the odd gentlemen, do enjoy the video clip as I shall be posting some more interesting video clips of our creative wedding & evening gown designs very soon. Ta, ta!

Lady D. Sign with more confessions on the way!

Drapes & Pleats


Confessions of Lady D. Sign : Dear Brides, here’s a sneak peek of what we have been up to. Drapes & Pleats, and please ladies, we are not talking about making curtains here.


Every single drape & pleat is created, meticulously adjusted & neatly stitched by hand, lovingly I must add. The result – a stunning effect on our gowns. Instead of having a plain, boring neckline, the draping and pleating certainly make the gowns look classy and exquisite!


As always, our gowns are handcrafted by our talented team whose quality craftsmanship is adored by our clients. And that is how a PrettyInWhite gown is created.

To view and try these gorgeous gowns for yourselves, just make an appointment with us today!

Alice In Wonderland


You know you have served a client well when she simply describes her wedding preparation and ceremony as:

I was happy, at peace, and enjoyed the company of friends and family with my husband at my side – but it was also a symbolic day, a day of deep meaning

Alice thoroughly enjoyed her Wedding Day as she has cleverly selected a team of professional wedding vendors to handle her once-in-a-lifetime event. Not surprisingly, a few of of them are our preferred partners – notably Make-up artist Lee Kuen of Bridal Glam & Photographer Andy Lim of Andy Lim Photography.


When a client takes her time to record her appreciation, it simply means that we are doing our job right. We won’t rehash what Alice has to say about our products and services, as she has written a wonderful article on her wedding vendors in her personal blog.

Our designer Elaine did a marvelous job of custom designing Alice’s Cheongsam, Wedding Shoes, Bridesmaid’s Dress and not forgetting Alice’s mum’s elegant Evening Gowns.

You can read Alice’s delightful testimony of her wedding vendors at:



At the risk of sounding cliche, it is indeed our pleasure and we thank Alice for making PrettyInWhite a part of her wonderful wedding celebration.

To know more about our preferred partners and custom-made evening gowns, brides-to-be can contact us for a fuss-free consultation.

From Paris With Love


No, this posting is not a review of the cheesy shoot-em up John Travolta movie. It is a review of a bridal photo-shoot session done by one of Malaysia’s talented wedding portraiture photographer & a PrettyInWhite preferred photography partner – Adam Ong of Adam Ong Photography.

Our beautiful client, Ms. Joe who met-up with our designers excitedly shared with us that she’s going to Paris, the City of Lights for her photoshoot. Needless to say, Joe wanted a wedding gown that matches and more importantly, reflects the romantic feeling and beauty of this lovely city.


Our designer Stephanie, selected a Celestial Wedding gown that fitted Joe’s figure and personal expectation, literally. Joe’s wedding gown is a gorgeous French Lace tube with a voluminous double-Tulle Net skirt which is hand-finished with strands of rod beads, Swarovski pearls and crystal beads.


Whether it’s a stroll down La Rive Gauche, taking a joy ride on the Carousel in Montmartre, frolicking at the Eiffel Tower or string a pose at the Louvre Museum, Joe looked every inch of a beautiful bride in her Celestial wedding gown. The rich detailing of the Joe’s Celestial gown which can be seen in the intricate French Lace patchwork, and the soft flows of the billowing tulle net skirt perfectly produced the romantic look & feel that Joe wanted for her photoshoot in Paris.


With his highly-talented photography skills, Adam easily produced an amazing series of photos that captures it all – timeless beauty & romance. To view more of Adam’s mesmerizing work, check out his blog post on this lovely couple’s photoshoot session at: http://adamong.com/?p=10.


For brides-to-be who desire Adam’s fine art prewedding photos, you can contact Adam Ong for an appointment. To know how you can obtain a Celestial wedding gown, you can contact us for a personal consultation session.

As for those of you who are suffering from insomnia and want the perfect cure, we suggest watching John Travolta’s From Paris With Love.

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