From Paris With Love

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From Paris With Love 02a From Paris With Love

No, this posting is not a review of the cheesy shoot-em up John Travolta movie. It is a review of a bridal photo-shoot session done by one of Malaysia’s talented wedding portraiture photographer & a PrettyInWhite preferred photography partner – Adam Ong of Adam Ong Photography.

Our beautiful client, Ms. Joe who met-up with our designers excitedly shared with us that she’s going to Paris, the City of Lights for her photoshoot. Needless to say, Joe wanted a wedding gown that matches and more importantly, reflects the romantic feeling and beauty of this lovely city. Continue reading “From Paris With Love” »

Simply Vibrant!

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20100514 gown 01edited Simply Vibrant!

What do you get when you have talented photographers who have an eye for fashion doing a photoshoot session featuring PrettyInWhite Wedding gowns? Combine this with gorgeous looking models, fantastic make-up & hair-do, the right-type of accessories, nice locations and not forgetting the meticulous planning in styling the shoot session – the result is simply a collection of stunning & beautiful pictures!

20100514 gown 02edited Simply Vibrant!

This amazing series of photos produced is the result of the collaborative talent of KL/Sydney based Jenny Sun and New South Wales based Jonathan Dear of Vibrant Photography in which several pieces of PrettyInWhite’s Celestial wedding gowns are featured.

20100514 gown 03edited Simply Vibrant!

The emphasis on these photos is in the styling, where the focus is on the look of the bride and, not the background of the location. Thus, special attention and planning  are given to the design of the selected gowns; appropriate accessories such as fascinators, jewellery, hand bouquet; hair style & make-up and most importantly the poses and styling of the shots.

20100514 gown 04edited Simply Vibrant!

This is one of the many ways that PrettyInWhite is collaborating with talented photographers in Malaysia and the world over to produce beautiful wedding photos for our clients. For the benefit of brides-to-be, we will be showcasing more of PrettyInWhite’s special concept photography work with its preferred photography partners.

To view more of these stunning pictures and details of the photoshoot sessions, readers can check out the following weblinks:

For Jenny Sun’s perspective; just click here.

For Jonathan Dear’s perspective; just click here.

20100514 gown 05edited Simply Vibrant!

To know how you can obtain the gorgeous Celestial gowns, just contact us for a consultation session.

To know how you can engage either one or both of these talented photographers, you can contact Jenny Sun & Jonathan Dear for an appointment.

Behind The Scene with Jenny Sun

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It’s not often you  get to witness a passionate photographer at work. Based on a recent pre-wedding photoshoot session of one of our brides who took her Wedding Gown from us, Valen’s photos turned out beautifully under the skillful hands of  Jenny Sun. This has gotten many of our clients asking, “Where is that location?”  and “How did they manage to take such beautiful shots?”.

kevin valen jsp Behind The Scene with Jenny Sun

Well, we have finally gained access to the “behind-the-scenes” video footage of this photo shoot session and the answers to all these questions are in the video including some interesting never-been-released footage, like Yellow Construction Boots ala Phua Chu Kang; cows & squirrels; the famous One Tree Hill and the twirling of the veil technique!

Special thanks goes to Jenny Sun & Joshua Koh for the amazing photos and to Eddie Lee of Eddie Lee’s Moving Picture for the interesting video shoot.

For more information on our wedding gowns, kindly click here.

The Look Of Love

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jenny sun kevin 01 The Look Of Love

It’s not very often you get a series of photos that essentially captures the true look of love & joy. We are extremely delighted when celebrated wedding photographer (surely one of our favourites too!), Jenny Sun  has done it again! Going for the vintage-modern look, our designer Elaine created the classic A-Line gown with a twist – a pleated top with the bunching skirt line. Topped up with an outrageous 6-meter long tulle veil and a hand-crafted fascinator, our radiant bride Valen Soo looked picture perfect.

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