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The Photographer That Speaks From The Heart – Dennis Yap approaches each wedding and portraiture with a fresh outlook, treating each couple individually, striving to photograph each wedding creatively capturing the excitement of the occasion. To him, ‘a photo speaks a thousand words.’ A stolen glance, a quick kiss or an intimate exchange can be gone in a flash. But a skilled and perceptive wedding photojournalist knows how to anticipate and capture those moments at the right time and place. For Dennis, photography is an art form that expresses an individual’s expressions, reactions and emotions.

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Dennis took up the profession as a personal challenge, realizing that wedding photography demanded a strong combination of various traits, skills and techniques to work. Through fleeting moments and situations that come with every wedding, he believes in a thousand different angles to enshrine the moment. It takes creativity and experience to achieve. Dennis consistently stays with current industry trends, to always improve himself.

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He describes his photographic style as spiritualistic blended with journalistic fusion. As Dennis notes, wedding photography offers a whole new dimension compared to other areas of photography as it chronicles the most important day in a couple’s life. When the day is over, your beautiful memories will be enhanced through photographs of the two of you.

Most of Dennis’ clients find his photos very natural, spontaneous and inspiring. Whenever he hears a big applause during a slideshow, Dennis knows that his photos have connected with the audience and made a significant impact on their lives.

The ultimate factor in finding your ideal wedding photojournalist is in the portfolio of your candidates.Through their images, one must determine if that particular photographer can produce the type of images that capture the moments and memories of your big day.

Aside from strong credentials, Dennis also advises couples to choose a photographer who is able to swiftly respond to their requests. Work must be delivered within the agreed time frame; and Dennis has certainly kept to his motto ever since.

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