• Sharon Tan

    Thanks to Sharon for dropping us an email on 1st June 2011 and for all your kind words! Congratulations on your wedding and glad you liked the wedding gown and accessories we designed for you!    

  • Testimonial : Cassandra & Gabriel

    Cassandra & Gabriel

    Thanks to Cassandra and Gabriel for all your kind words! We are extremely happy that we were able to be a part of your Wedding Planning and Celebrations!    

  • Testimonial : Nileey


    We are extremely honoured to be a part of Nileey’s Wedding! We were indeed delighted to hear of her posting about us as her Gown and Shoe makers, especially when you were complimented by your family, friends and colleagues!        

  • Testimonial : Mr. & Mrs. Nick Tay

    Mr. & Mrs. Nick Tay

    Thank you very much to the lovely Mr. & Mrs. Nick Tay, for making us a part of your wedding and for posting their comments about us on their very own blog! We hope that you loved your wedding dress!

  • Testimonial : Gary & Christine

    Gary & Christine

    A couple’s experiences in looking for gowns, from our vaults of 2005! That was definitely sometime ago, but as they say, old is gold!      

  • Weddings By Eternal

    Kevin & Elvira

    A nice romantic article from Weddings By Eternal on Kevin & Elvira, one of our couples through the years who always lived up to their fantasies!    

  • Testimonials by Email

    Genevieve D’ Souza

    Congratulations to Genevieve on your nuptials! We are extremely happy to hear that you simply adored our gowns! Once again, our heartiest congratulations!