It’s not often you  get to witness a passionate photographer at work. Based on a recent pre-wedding photoshoot session of one of our brides who took her Wedding Gown from us, Valen’s photos turned out beautifully under the skillful hands of  Jenny Sun. This has gotten many of our clients asking, “Where is that location?”  and “How did they manage to take such beautiful shots?”.


Well, we have finally gained access to the “behind-the-scenes” video footage of this photo shoot session and the answers to all these questions are in the video including some interesting never-been-released footage, like Yellow Construction Boots ala Phua Chu Kang; cows & squirrels; the famous One Tree Hill and the twirling of the veil technique!

Special thanks goes to Jenny Sun & Joshua Koh for the amazing photos and to Eddie Lee of Eddie Lee’s Moving Picture for the interesting video shoot.

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