One would like to justify that these are plans for Human beings to create the perfect woman cyborg of their dreams …… sorry to disappoint you, but this is definitely NOT the instructions to create one, but it surely looks like one. In fact, this is our earliest version of our measurement chart. In it are the complete details & precise measurement points that our designers will take for every customer who makes-to-measure a gown with us.  This way, we don’t leave anything out and we certainly don’t leave anything to chance, either! It is through this thorough measurement process coupled with our designer’s skill & experience that we are able to produce gowns that fit our clients, each and every time.


Over the years, we have improved our measurement chart, giving it a modern & cleaner look with a nicer looking figure, too. However, what remains till today is the detail & systematic measurement processes which our designers practice (of course we wanted a more dreamy idea, but that didn’t work either). And this is how we transform the design of your dream gown that’s sketched on paper into a perfect reality!