Last Sunday’s Sample Sales which attracted a huge crowd has certainly been a successful event for us. A wide range of wedding & evening gowns in all shapes and sizes are offered at prices starting from RM300 to RM800. As expected, many brides-to-be turned up early to grab the best find and certainly the best buy they can get for a PrettyInWhite gown.


Our designers were present to help the clients in their selection. Needless to say, many of them managed to find the ideal gown for themselves. The sight of brides-to-be queueing up to try on gowns is certainly proof of how popular our annual Sample Sales has become.


It was indeed an exciting and satisfying day for both our clients and us as well. As for those who missed Sunday’s event, do not feel disappointed. We will continue to offer these gowns at the same irresistible prices in the Wedding Hub. So, brides-to-be you can make a trip over there and still get yourself a PrettyInWhite gown at a great bargain.

You can download this map to find your way to the Wedding Hub. Please take note of the Hub’s operating hours.