In the course of setting up our website, we had been toying around with numerous ideas, drinking loads of tea and coffee whilst some of us had numerous nicotine fixes*.

We all agreed on a few things for certain;

We didn’t want a website which just showcases the glamorous aspect of our industry,
We didn’t want to shove products blatantly into our visitors face,
We didn’t want to inundate our visitors with the numerous great comments we had from our couples,
More importantly, we wanted something that people can relate to, we wanted something real.

In the end, we all stood up, stripped down, to our most natural state, basking in our full glory. We are now making a very bold move, as we Dare to Bare!

We integrated a “blog” on our website that will give you the inner scoop on whats happening in our wedding industry and around our organization. We have introduced numerous categories here that will take you through the process of our designs, our business in general with tips and advice on picking the right style for you, just to name a few. All articles written on our website are the composite of 3 or more individuals based on the daily operations at our Physical Business Address. All articles are also based on the collective experiences we come across at our business premise. Any resemblance to any living persons or deceased is purely coincidental.

We hope that you will enjoy our new website and if you are in doubt, please visit our Disclaimer page for more information.

* We do not condone the action of nicotine fixes, but we respect the choices of each individual.