evening-1As the sun sets, we are beguiled by her prowess, strong yet subtle, proud yet elegant, demure yet firm – welcome the evening hour. A woman encompasses such qualities and we pay homage to this very woman through our range of Evening Gowns that highlights her unique style, adding aura to her personality whilst encapsulating the very essence of womanhood.

Our designers are committed in guiding her through a journey of rediscovering her true self, accomplished through a myriad of styles; elegant, sassy, frilly, sensuous with, perhaps, a touch of seduction thrown in for good measure! Every woman was born to look and feel good!

Evening is a time of real experimentation, you never want to look the same way

Made to Measure

All our evening wear, bridesmaids, dresses are designed and

fitted to your preferences. you can be assured of quality material and

workmanship, a by product of passion by our designer team 

Starts from RM 700.00

Dont give a woman advice: One should never give a woman anything she can’t wear in the evening.

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