Over the years, we have been serving brides who come in all shapes and sizes; not forgetting their varying personalities; expectations and budget. And it’s our aim over at PrettyInWhite to ensure that we meet our clients’ expectation in getting her perfect wedding gown.

A frequently asked question that many of our clients has is simply “What is the most suitable gown design for my body shape?” Followed by the almost standard statement of “I want something plain and simple, preferably in A-line”.

Nothing wrong with that, but there’s a wider choice of designs to suit all types of body shape and an even larger variety of gown styles to suit all types of personality. And it’s our professional duty in helping our clients do just that.


To help the brides-to-be, our designers have written a short and interesting article that guides you in determining the perfect gown design that suits your particular body shape.

So, whether you are pear shape; bony; petite; lanky; busty; broad shoulder or hour-glass shape, this article will simply tell you your perfect gown design.

Once you have determined the correct gown design, you just have to try out the gowns for yourself. This you can easily do by paying us a visit. Our designers will be more than happy to help you find your perfect wedding gown. At PrettyInWhite, we literally make gowns for Every Body.

P.S. Interestingly more than 90% of our brides who initially wanted something “plain & simple” ended up with the most richly-detailed gorgeous looking gowns. Of the perfect design to their body shape, naturally. To view the pictures of our delighted clients, just click here.