2 Years Ago, Today …. bare

It has been a little over 2 years now since we last changed our website. Our intention  was to share with you a little about the Wedding Industry in Malaysia. Since then, we have been collecting comments from our readers and clients alike. Perhaps it was pure coincidence, or perhaps excellent timing as a couple of events happened simultaneously lately;

  • We introduced a new team of designers armed with new missions and visions,
  • We had managed to track down our webmasters, thelabratz, last listed as MIA,
  • Our photographer partners were busy experimenting with new techniques,
  • Your valuable comments and feedback that we had gathered.

And so it came to pass that we decided to sit down with our team to revamp our website; keeping that same philosophy of having an edge, of being able to present to you that ‘daringly bare’ content we implemented over the last 2 years. Loads of instant coffee fixes, during the month of June, our webmasters sat down and began the slow process of moving our site to a new home; with the following additions listed below;



Bigger Thumbnails

We added bigger thumbnails so that it would be easier for you to view our collections as well as our partners works all on one site.



Higher Resolution

Higher Resolution photos are used on our new website for better clarity and colour. The downside is that the photos may take a longer time to load. Please be patient!




More Photos

We decided to add more photos for your viewing pleasure. Not merely limited to our work, we added galleries of our photographer partners! More work for us, but more things for you to see, all on one site!


Embedded Videos

We have taken the effort to make new videos and embed them on our site so you don’t have to go out of our site to view videos anymore.



Full Width Content

One of the other features that we decided upon was full width content. Wider viewing with less clutter and cleaner compared to our old website. We thought that this would enhance your browsing experience!


We hope that you will enjoy your browsing experience on our new website as we have toiled hard to bring this to you. We also welcome your comments and suggestions while we continue to update our site with new materials! Welcome to Pretty In White and thanks for all your support!