The unveiling of our Celestial Collection at MIFA 2009 on Nov 7th has certainly left a lasting impression on our invited guests. We have been receiving awesome feedback on the quality of our design and craftsmanship of our gowns. Not to mention, that pre-booking & sales of the Celestial Collection gowns which started well before last Saturday’s show has been very brisk.

The introduction of our Celestial Label Gowns has certainly convinced our clients & industry partners of Pretty In White’s ability to create, as our guests in general put it,  quote “… a repertoire of awesomely gorgeous wedding gowns … ” unquote.


Other comments from our guests;

Pretty in White showcased a repertoire of awesomely gorgeous wedding gown dresses. This would be Serge’s first time looking at a wedding gown collection and by the celestial moons, it’s gorgeous and mesmerizing. Another eye opener of the showcase was how the best looking Celestial Collection was not the one with an elaborate design but the one with simplicity.”Serge Norguard was a very refreshing preview of what Pretty In White (PIW) has to offer. It certainly did not fit into any of the conventional bridal gowns, but to think about it these gowns are unique and beautiful in their own way. I love how they incorporate fascinators into the collection, something uncommon in Malaysia at the moment.” Nileey’s Sphere.

Once again, on behalf of the team at Pretty In White, we thank you all for your comments and support! We hope to see you again at our next show! Stay tuned for more updates!