Did you know that our feet will travel an approximate distance of 65,000 miles or roughly 104,607 km during our lifetime? That’s a lot of walking we do everyday and as such, it is imperative that we take care of your feet, the most taken for granted part of our body.


Our feet also looks symmetrical, but did you know that no two feet that are alike? To make matters worse, all shoes found in supermarkets, boutiques are made to fit an identical pair of feet? Coupled with the fact that there is a very high probability of you just loving to put on a pair of Stilettos for your upcoming wedding ….. need we tell you how bad those are for your spine?

At Pretty In White, we trace the individual personality of your foot, recognizing the different contours, tailoring each stiletto to the different personalities. Coupled with our quality designs, we ensure your shoes, on that special day will have the combination of comfort, support and style! Now, isn’t that being considerate on your body while still keeping the “wow” factor?