Louisa Michael 

Louisa MichaelThe rebellious streak strikes! Louisa Michael, a Sarawakian of Bidayuh descent, is someone to be proud of. Since her youth, she developed an affection for art and dreamed of creating collections that will, perhaps, one day grace the catwalks of haute couture land. Her source of inspiration comes from the unlikeliest of places; from grandma’s stories based on local folklore on how dresses were fabricated – by magic. This opened her mind to a whole multiverse of creative possibilities, with the goal of bringing joy to the person who will inherit and adorn one of her lovingly stoked creations.

Unfortunately, her parents were against her wishes, and wanted her to pursue a common profession as they believed art could not provide a sustainable source of income nor wealth. Unperturbed, Louisa managed to convince her parents, in reaching a compromise of sorts, and went on to obtain a Diploma in Graphic from Cosmopoint Kuala Lumpur. She moved back to Sarawak and started her career with Bumiserasi for 3 years with much success. Yet something still irked her, as design visions flash through her mind fervently, in rapture to her grandmother’s voice. Louisa then made the fateful decision to pursue her dream. Armed with her new found resolve, she promised that she would overcome all obstacles, and went to pursue a Diploma in Fashion at IFTC. During the course of her studies, she took time to organize a mini fashion show in Kuching, and worked as a backstage dresser for the Malaysian International Awards Show in KL.

Still feeling unfulfilled in the year 2007, Louisa packed her bags and bought a ticket to the heart of haute couture on a mission; to enroll herself inThe Paris American Academy, France. A few years later, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Fashion. During her studies, she emulated her spunk in Malaysia, working as a backstage dresser for Elie Saab, whilst doing her internship at Anne Valarie Hash.

Besides being an advent enthusiast of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and John Galliano, Louisa comes packed with a gregarious personality that makes everyone around adore her. She consistently puts her whole heart in exploring new concepts, channeling them through creativity and innovation which makes her designs simply alluring; just as her grandmother prescribed.

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