What do you get when you have talented photographers who have an eye for fashion doing a photoshoot session featuring PrettyInWhite Wedding gowns? Combine this with gorgeous looking models, fantastic make-up & hair-do, the right-type of accessories, nice locations and not forgetting the meticulous planning in styling the shoot session – the result is simply a collection of stunning & beautiful pictures!


This amazing series of photos produced is the result of the collaborative talent of KL/Sydney based Jenny Sun and New South Wales based Jonathan Dear of Vibrant Photography in which several pieces of PrettyInWhite’s Celestial wedding gowns are featured.


The emphasis on these photos is in the styling, where the focus is on the look of the bride and, not the background of the location. Thus, special attention and planning  are given to the design of the selected gowns; appropriate accessories such as fascinators, jewellery, hand bouquet; hair style & make-up and most importantly the poses and styling of the shots.


This is one of the many ways that PrettyInWhite is collaborating with talented photographers in Malaysia and the world over to produce beautiful wedding photos for our clients. For the benefit of brides-to-be, we will be showcasing more of PrettyInWhite’s special concept photography work with its preferred photography partners.

To view more of these stunning pictures and details of the photoshoot sessions, readers can check out the following weblinks:

For Jenny Sun’s perspective; just click here.

For Jonathan Dear’s perspective; just click here.


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