Confessions of Lady D. Sign: Over the months, I have been receiving numerous requests from clients, partners & friends to post the video of the famous strip-tease act during our M!fa Show last November. So after searching through my personal video library, I have managed to locate the clip, and here it is – posted up for your viewing pleasure.

I have written in detail on how versatile this particular Celestial Wedding gown can be in my earlier post: But as the saying goes, a moving picture is definitely worth a million words!

Dear brides, you can wear it long for your formal & grand entrance, and later on, just remove the bottom skirt to reveal a mini-gown for your after dinner party. This fabulous gown is simply suitable for your garden or beach weddings. Isn’t it amazing to have a 2-in-1 wedding gown? Now that’s really getting your money’s worth!

So ladies and the odd gentlemen, do enjoy the video clip as I shall be posting some more interesting video clips of our creative wedding & evening gown designs very soon. Ta, ta!

Lady D. Sign with more confessions on the way!