Talk about making heads turn. Yes, we had a short strip tease act during our recent MIFA show & this is No Wardrobe Malfunction. Inspired by form & functionality, our latest designs, The Celestial Collection, are beautiful creations of gowns that can be worn in different forms.



The long and short of it (pun intended!) is that our wedding gowns can be worn with the full bodied skirt for your formal wedding ceremony & dinner functions, and without the skirt as a short, sexy dress for your ROM, photo shoot session or tea ceremony. Talk about versatility!



Many of our brides love this versatile design as the gown looks great in both forms. We have created similar designs for our evening gowns & cheongsams which are getting great demand from our clientele. Not surprising as our clients know they are getting a great deal – literally two gowns for the price of one! And that’s really savvy shoppers, in our opinion.



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