Confessions of Missy C. : The amount of work that goes behind a typical photo shoot session is tremendous! So brides, if you are thinking that your Pre Wedding or Wedding photos is a piece of cake, think again! A lot of effort goes into styling, make-up, preparation of props, setting-up of lighting & camera equipment, not to mention the extremely delicate matter of dressing up our models (or in our brides case, themselves!).


Recently, the Pretty In White team together with talented fashion photographer Michele Yong, make-up artist; XpressionMaster & hairstylist; Salon Esprit completed a Fast & Furious photo shoot session at The Carat Club, Bangsar. We thought that this would be an extremely fitting venue in defining our brand new runway collection ‘CELESTIAL’. In actual fact, we have leaked some of our designs on our website already, at Our Designspage. Bet you never realized that.


If you would like to scrutinize the results of our photoshoot, get your invites to the upcoming MIF-W ’09 Fashion Week in which PrettyInWhite will be unveiling The Celestial Collection this Nov 7th at 5:30pm! Needless to say, we feel that the end result is worth the effort, so come on down to The Pavillion, Bukit Bintang and judge for yourself!