We have been asked, many a time, by our brides – “Why do you charge for Dry Cleaning? ” or “Why can’t we use our own Dry Cleaners instead?”.  This is normally followed by the; “Are you trying to make more money from me”, look…..

Well it’s time to put this matter to rest, in the passionate Italian “Godfather” style;


The reason why our dry cleaning charges are kept separate is because we don’t restrict the number of times a customer wants to take her rented wedding gown out. Our customers have the liberty of taking their rented wedding gowns out  as many times as they require;  for their pre wedding photoshoot session, their wedding ceremony; and in some cases for their second or even third wedding dinner ceremonies which are held at later dates. This flexibility comes at no extra charge when a bride rents a wedding gown from Pretty In White.

In order to fulfill our customers hectic requirements we need to dry-clean the gown more than once in order for the bride to wear a clean gown for her next occasion. Every bride has her own special arrangements, as such we can’t determine the number of times she needs to take her gown out. So, we decided to keep the dry cleaning charges separate and each bride only need to pay according to her own usage.

Dry Cleaning is also a highly complex process which requires the expert knowledge of chemicals, correct temperature and ideal pressure steam settings. Yes, you need a Science Degree to become a professional Dry-Cleaner! And this is the reason why we insist on using our approved Dry Cleaner who is familiar with the delicate fabrics that we use – not to mention the beadings, patch lace work and trimmings of our gowns. Not only do we get your gown cleaned, our designers will repair any loose finishing and replace missing pieces so your wedding gown will be in its pristine condition. You simply can’t obtain this type of expert knowledge and level of service from any where else.

Now, isn’t this worth paying for a peace of mind?