Conceived through the fusion of ordinary materials over billions of years and bashfully flaunting its grandeur in the night sky, the celestial bodies in our universe are but a mere segment of life’s grand design. Inspired by this grand scheme of things, the designers at PrettyInWhite rework mundane materials through their delicate handiwork to conjure up a complete range of Wedding Gowns that simply defies the imagination. The Celestial Label gowns are meticulously handcrafted inch by inch; from hem right up to the neckline and comes adorned with eye-catching buttons, dainty flowers and delicate trimmings.

“Every part of a celestial gown is a whole creation in itself that boasts innovative sewing techniques keeping with classic tradition of uncompromising craftmanship. nothing is left to chance under our fastidious scrutiny.”

Synonymous with our trademark PrettyInWhite gowns, this new range emphasizes exquisite materials and luxurious finishing; focusing on precise, crisp svelte lines, sophisticated silhouettes. Everything is lovingly handmade ensuring our gowns are truly a match made in heaven with every bride that walks down the aisle in them. The adoration and divine inspiration has prompted us to christen this stellar series; Celestial

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