From The Big Chair : The most frequent question (F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions) that is asked of us is : “Can we take photos of gowns in your boutique?“. While we are happy that many of our clients have the courtesy of asking, we are appalled at the handful who tried to secretly take snap shots while “hiding” in our changing room!
At PrettyInWhite, we strongly urge our clients to get “trigger happy” with their camera phones, compact cameras, DLSR’s or even to the point of bringing along their professional photographer(s).

It’s our policy, in getting you to flaunt your gown, show off to your friends, family members, neighbours, colleagues and ex-boyfriends! We also encourage you to discuss it on blogger, wordpress, facebook, myspace, twitter, forums or even in your local neighborhood coffee shop or mamak stall, on how gorgeous our gowns made you look.

More importantly, it hastens the process of getting the approval from your parents, in-laws, fiance (who was more preoccupied with the Premier League, so take that picture and hold him to ransom later), best friend, next door neighbour or even the fashion police!

All of our clients have the privilege of taking photos of themselves wearing PrettyInWhite gowns whether you’re selecting, shortlisting, trying for fun or doing your final fitting. After all, it’s your big day and we understand that you have to look really good.

Are we afraid of others copying our designs? Well, let’s just say that with the high quality materials & finest craftsmanship that we are using, it simply won’t look & feel like a PrettyInWhite gown.