Many people would think that we should be appearing in publications like Female Brides, Bridal Guides, Vogue or even Harper’s Bazaar. That would be the most logical deduction to most of us in the wedding industry. So what are we doing in The Edge Malaysia, one of our very own leading Business News Publication?

There are many individuals that perceive we are shielded from the global economic downturn, but you might be in for a surprise! This article gave us an opportunity to tell our story as it is, from a business perspective and hopefully we can make you understand a little about our industry, and how well shielded we are, if at all!


Oh behalf of Pretty In White, we would like to express our gratitude to The Edge and Ms. Kathleen Tan for taking the trouble to cover the story on us. We were indeed delighted to be featured on a publication not related to weddings! Cheers!