It has been years since we have looked at our own website, but it was bound to happen as we were thoroughly amazed about our Preferred Partners sites. Needless to say our preferred partners are young and internet savvy, and so we decided to ask for their opinions. Unwittingly, we made a big mistake, cause everyone seemed to be telling us stuff that we couldn’t understand!


As such, Stephanie our designer, suggested that we get some ‘underground’ assistance. What? It really sounded kind of shady to me; involving the preparation of exotic, hard to obtain food? Regardless, I left it to Stephanie who bought some really exotic food the next day, topped it off with a nice cutesy note; placing it near the closest outlet pipe we had.

The next day, we discovered that we were overrun by one big furry rat …. called The Lab Ratz. In awe, I asked Stephanie if we were to talk to this rat … and she said, Yes! So we settled down and told The Lab Ratz that we wanted something simple yet manageable, something fresh and new, something like our preferred partner’s websites!!!!

Gnawing on his food, The Lab Ratz said, “I think a simple CMS would be right for you”. We were like; what is that? Pleats, lace and fabrics are our game, not internet and technological jargon! The Lab Ratz said, “It’s short for Content Management System, where its like a sketch book you guys doodle on, and you can do almost anything with it. Just tell me how, when and where you want it, don’t fret about the other stuff,” while busy preening his whiskers.

And as such, we are now heading down the path of our new website, for the cost of an exotic dish …. wow, and I thought they said that everyone has a price …. but Stephanie tells me it was because he was pleased with the food …..