Confessions of The Artisans : Think of us as average people with a normal job, toiling at at our designs, sketches, detailing of our wedding gowns for numerous hours, behind the scenes. Like any other job, we too have pressures at work, and at times we do vent our frustrations, hence like any ordinary, working class person, motivation is hard to come by.

If you ask us why we keep at it, well, it’s because we get extreme personal gratification when our creations are worn and loved by our brides. It’s a simple as that. However, we do get upbeat when fellow partners who are as passionate as we are about their work, lends us their talent, giving us our much needed shots of motivation!

Here is one such artist, Louis Pang of Louis Pang Photography, our partner who recently helped us with our Fashion Shoot at The Heritage Station Hotel for our upcoming MIFA portfolio! Louis Pang’s works always produces stunning imagery of our gowns and continues to motivate us to produce flattering designs in return! The funny thing is, Louis is a photographer based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah but frequently jet sets around the world with his photography skills!Talk about being motivated! And you would have thought only the boys in the city are capable of this…..

More confessions on the way