In an industry that is filled with numerous talented photographers, stands out a very passionate and driven individual – Hafiz Ismail. His profile reads as:

Hafiz Ismail is a full time professional photographer. He owns the Hafiz Ismail Photography brand as well as the WOW! Art & Photography brand. He is the Founder and Principal Photographer of Lensa Wow Sdn Bhd.”

Despite all this serious business-speak write up, Hafiz is a jovial person at heart with a infectious, bubbly personality – a definite plus! Especially when it comes to photographing couples in their most emotional &  intimate moments – not the voyeur type, mind you but during their wedding portraiture & ceremony sessions.


He is one of the few photographers who will literally laugh and cry with his couples during the emotional moments of their photoshoot sessions – that’s how connected and committed Hafiz is….


While Hafiz is not a freshie in this business, he definitely brings a fresh perspective to the wedding photography scene in Malaysia. Seriously, how often do you see photos of big red sofa chairs in the middle of the road; brides wearing white frame sunnies or donning white/colorful track shoes sitting atop a piano which all turns out looking absolutely fabulous with PrettyInWhite wedding gowns?


We are excited to have Hafiz Ismail of Hafiz Ismail Photographyas one of PrettyInWhite’s preferred photography partner. It’s nice to work with photographers who constantly challenge themselves to bring in a fresh look & feel to their work. After all, it is our clients who will ultimately benefit from our combined talent & work effort.


You can read and view more of Hafiz’s wonderful work, at his blog site. To know how you can rent PrettyInWhite gowns at an irresistible offer for your bridal portraiture session, check out the following link : http://www.prettyinwhite.com.my/great-gowns-great-pictures/ or simply call us for anappointment.